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Bra Fitting Guide

Our experience shows that using a tape measure is not the key to getting a great bra fit though it can be a good starting point if you’re buying your first bra. Follow our guide below or contact us for help.

The back size is your chest/ribcage size. Your bra should fit firmly around your body as it provides most of the support for your boobs.

If it is loose it will ride up at the back and you may be tempted to tighten your straps to give yourself more support. This in turn will cause the straps to dig in to your shoulders and make your bra uncomfortable. Try a smaller back size, one size at a time, until you find the right one. Remember to always fasten a new bra on the loosest or outside hooks as it will naturally stretch with wear. Also, remember you will have to increase your cup size when you decrease your back size.

The cup size corresponds to the size of your boobs. They should fit into the bra cups without bulging at the top or having wrinkled or spare fabric at the top. The wires between your boobs should also fit against your breast bone.

You may need a larger cup size if your boobs are bulging at the top of the cups or the wires are not flat against your chest between your boobs. You may need a smaller cup size if you have spare or wrinkled fabric in the cups.

Lastly, ensure you are putting your bra on correctly. Once you are wearing your bra put your hand inside the cup and gently pull your boob up and into the cup. This ensures the wires are sitting on your body not your boobs.

Please be aware that bra's are like shoes - no two styles or makes fit the same!

 Helpful videos are available on the links below

Bra Fitting Guide for Wacoal Brands

Bra Fitting Guide for Royce, Non-wired, Nursing and Post Surgery Bra's

Bra Fitting Guide for Triumph Brands

If you would like further advice please contact us, our fitters have been trained by Royce in fitting Maternity, Nursing, pre and post surgery bras as well as standard wired bras.




Style Guide

 Full Cup Bras

Offer full coverage of the bust.

 Balconette Bras

Have wide set straps without coming up too high.

 Half Cup Bras

Lower-cut bras, great for lower-cut tops.

 Plunge Bras

Much lower in the middle to create a plunging shape for your cleavage.

 Moulded/Seam Free Bras

Give a smooth line under clothes.

 Padded Bras

In various styles but with a little extra padding.

 Strapless/Transparent Strap Bras

In various styles but without your straps on show.

 Push-up Bras

Shaped padding inside the bra made from water, gel or foam, for those days when you want a little more oomph!

 Sports Bras

Higher cut than a standard bra and full coverage in the cup for maximum support.

 Soft Cup/Non-wired Bras

Wire-free bras for comfort.

 Maternity Bras

Wire-free bras with drop cups for easy feeding, also some have extending cups.

 Post Surgery Bras

Wire-free bras with internal pockets suitable for a prosthesis sometimes front fastening.








 High Waist

Come above the waist line to give a smoother body shape


In varying degrees holds you in a bit


With a longer leg section and a smooth finish


Full coverage up to the waist


A deeper side and lower on the leg


Higher on the leg with a shallow side


Shallow side and no coverage on the bottom, the ultimate no VPL


The 'new' thing - similar to a thong/string but with a little more coverage (often lace) around your bottom


Waist high with a very short leg section.